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The idea for starting up this site is all down to a database that I have been working on for well over 20 years. Dedicated to the origins of football in Scotland, from the earliest records through to 1873, I am using much of the primary evidence as the basis for a PhD study into the development of organised football in Scotland in the nineteenth century. I hope in time the database will be valuable to a wide range of people, from academics and teachers to general enthusiasts of sports history. In the meantime I intend to post up blogs and articles based on some of the references which can be found within the database. To visit the blog click on the link below.

Latest from the Blog

The Yuletide Games of Old

Football activity was significantly linked to winter festivals in Scotland. One such notable event was the festival of Yule, originally an ancient pagan celebration that marked the winter solstice. With the establishment of Christianity across northern Europe, this pagan festival was largely subsumed by the Christmas season. For many communities, football formed part of the…

Glasgow Before The Explosion: the role of migration and immigration in the development of football cultures in the city prior to 1873.

Abstract The purpose of this paper is to highlight ongoing research suggesting that numerous football cultures existed in Glasgow and the surrounding area prior to what the Scottish Football Museum has termed as the ‘football explosion’ – referring to the rapid rise of Association football in the city in the aftermath of the first official…

Standing free; the ancient story of women’s football in Scotland; (Part Two)

Two hundred and forty five years on from that first historic account at Carstairs, a happy scene played out on another Lanarkshire green, less than nine miles distant. The date was 26th August 1873 and a party of the Turfholm Industrial Female School, to the number of 125, enjoyed their annual summer excursion with a…

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